Marianne Vos

Pro Since 2006


Over the years, Marianne Vos has won many titles and trophies – in just about every cycling discipline: cyclo-cross, road cycling, mountain bike and on the track. She's drawn comparisons to the great Eddy Merckx as being "the finest cyclist of [her] generation." Though she's achieved more than she ever imagined, she still has dreams she hopes to attain. Defending her Olympic title is a huge ambition and it is one of her main goals over the coming few year. 

However, she doesn't only dream of Olympic gold – she also dreams of using her notoriety in the sport of cycling to open more doors and offer more opportunities to aspiring female cyclists, aiming to make the sport more accessible for anyone who wants to have a future and career in the sport that has given her so much.




  • 2x Olympic Gold Medalist
  • 3x World Road Race World Champion
  • 7x World Cyclocross Champion
  • 3x Giro d'Italia Winner


 RaboLiv and Partners


Traveling, Reading, Music

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